Kinkie makes it simple for you to purchase and sell women’s used pants on the internet in a secure manner. Discipline is the name of the game! The Kinkie website is free to sign-up and begin using immediately whether you’re a purchaser or seller. There’s a market for men’s used underwear as well however it’s not as popular as the market for second-hand women’s pants. The marketplace Kinkie is used by thousands of users around the world. It is a trusted platform that allows people to communicate without revealing their identities.

But sniffer has you covered. The sniffer marketplace is trusted to buy and sell used women’s clothing. The user-friendly interface has drawn numerous users from around the world. It’s a global marketplace that is completely anonymous.


As a buyer, you need not worry about your privacy. Rest secure in the knowledge that you’re totally anonymous. You negotiate the purchase in direct contact with the vendor. The process of buying women’s clothing that is used isn’t any easier. Start by creating a FREE account with Kinkie. You must be 18 years old however, there is no requirement for a credit card. On the sign-up page you will be required to input your birth date. If you’re not 18 or over then you won’t be allowed to enter the market. In addition, you’ll be required to check an option that indicates you are at least 18 years old. Kinkie will not permit minors on the site.

There is no personal information needed to sign up as a second-hand women’s pants buyer. Only your birth date is required. It is also provided to other users on Kinkie to can verify that you are the age of 18. You must have an email address, and you will be asked to select an account name. We suggest that you choose the country you reside in to assist the seller in shipping. After you have signed up, you can complete your profile. It’s your choice which information you wish to add to your profile. After that, you’re ready! There are a few options for purchasing women’s clothing that is used.

  • You can browse the online stores of sellers which have panties readily available to purchase.
  • You can talk to sellers on chat online and then decide on the best route from there. Or, you can opt to send them a private message. This gives you two secure methods of contacting them.
  • Explore the profiles of sellers and initiate a chat by private messaging. You can review your requirements and discuss the specifics of the transaction and shipping.


Earning a bit of extra cash does not have to be difficult when there’s a market for women’s pants and you’ve got the products to offer. Many have opted to mail their panties that they no longer use to strangers online after they’ve worn them. It’s as private as buyers. It is recommended to upload a profile picture because it can help you attract buyers. You can choose to conceal your face in the profile picture.

The main reason behind this kind of fetish is the belief fact that there’s a real individual behind these panties however, it’s your decision. The registration process is exactly similar to that of buyers. Your birth date will be disclosed to buyers so that they can verify that you are 18 years old. There is no other personal information needed to remain completely anonymous.



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Buy & Sell Used Panties Online

Buy & Sell Used Panties Online


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